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Have you ever heard the phrase, “the end of a thing is better than its beginning”? That actually comes straight from scripture. In Ecclesiastes, the writer says that the ending of a thing is better than a beginning of a thing. So, that leads us to understand that it is God’s will for us to finish what we start. Beginnings are wonderful and beautiful but the key is not to just be a starter but a finisher. In life, a lot of people start off with desires and become great at asking and seeking God for those desires, but they don’t become real great at being finishers and receivers.


In this book, you will learn how to keep your eyes on the finish and what God has called you to do. You will be encouraged and realize that It’s time for the church to rise up and be the church and start acting like believers. It’s our time to run our race, obtain the prize and be In It to Win It!

In It To Win It

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