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What does the Bible really say about Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage? There is plenty of confusion in the church about these vital questions. Christians who want God's best for their lives need real answers that really work. Rev. Darrell Huffman carefully examines scripture for sure guidance on your life's most intimate relationship. He grounds you firmly in an ultra-practical, life changing view of Christian marriage. You'll discover:


- How to choose a godly spouse who will be your life-partner in blessings. - How Scripture's powerful "royal law of love" can help you build a strong marriage beginning right now - even if you think your relationship is frayed beyond repair! - What the Word clearly teaches about divorce and remarriage - it may not be what you think! - How the Church should respond to divorced believers.


Whether you are married or divorced, never married or remarried, you can discover how God's unchangeable Word can bring you blessing and lasting happiness!

No Longer Two But One

SKU: 9780981688411
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