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 What makes the difference between walking in God's fullness, or walking in lack? Living in health or dying with sickness? 

What can remove the burden and destroy the yoke in your life?

Pastor Darrell Huffman answers these questions and more in "The Anointing!" You can learn effective ways to use God's Word to overcome the enemy on every hand. You can be a victor and not the victim!

"The Anointing!" takes you, step by step, on a journey that will open your eyes to the truth of how God really expects you to live. Your life will never be the same as you gain knowledge and insight to "The Anointing!"

Titles in this series include:

  • The Individual Believer's Anointing
  • The Anointing Upon Believers
  • The Anointing Within
  • Yielding to the Anointing
  • The Corporate Anointing
  • Anointed to Minister

This resource is also available as a MP3 Download

The Anointing

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