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 The word “Holy” speaks for itself, but it is the shed blood of Jesus that really makes you holy. 

This means that you have found that place in God where you cannot be defeated. In this series, The Blood Makes You Holy, Pastor Darrell Huffman gives you a “firm foundation” on which to stand concerning where you are, and where you can be in God!

No longer do you have to take what the devil dishes out. You can stand completely stable on the promises of God. So, use the wisdom found in this series. Then, watch as God uses you to show forth His wondrous mercies, and shows all those around you that the blood does indeed make you holy!

Titles in this series include:
  • Sanctified Unto The Lord
  • Purified And Made Holy
  • Declared And Regarded As Holy Part 1
  • Declared And Regarded As Holy Part 2

The Blood Makes Us Holy

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