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 Do you have any unanswered questions about healing in God’s Word?

Questions like: 

What does the Bible say about healing?
Is it God’s will to heal me?
Is there something I should be doing other than praying?
When sickness comes, what should I do?

In this 5 part teaching, Pastor Darrell Huffman answers these questions and more in the series “Things You Need to Know About Healing.” You’ll learn through God’s Word and Pastor Darrell’s teaching revelation that healing belongs to us. Your faith will grow and you will be in a position to fully trust God to be your healer!

Titles in this series include:

  • Accepting God As Your Healer
  • It is God's Will To Heal You
  • Healing Faith
  • Revelation Of How Healing Works
  • Methods Of Receiving Healing

This resource is also available as a MP3 Download

Things You Need To Know About Healing

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